About Live in Love Boutique


Instill self-love in melanated women through mindfulness, self-expression, and self-psychology by hosting safe spaces, promoting mindfulness practices, teaching self-psychology, and developing self-care products. 


Instill self-love in melanated women as a means of personal and social development, changing the world one self-lover at a time.


Live In Love Boutique is a sacred space for women of the African Diaspora to exist in their truth and authenticity. A space for melanated women to learn about themselves, gain developmental skills and have a community of sisters. Live In Love Boutique was created by Maya Keeyana Graham in December 2019, to remind melanated girls and women that they are never alone and always in control.

Live in Love Boutique is a personal development brand that specializes in mental health and happiness for melanated women. A community that supports women on their self-love and self-discovery journey. We aim to serve our community with aromatherapy candles and manifestation journals, journaling workshops, therapy sessions, and access to our self-love podcast and social media groups. 

Our Three Pillars 

  1. Free Expression: Be you, unapologetically. Allow the love and light bestowed upon you by God to shine through unfiltered. We are vessels through which the divine manifests in the physical realm. Allow God to speak and live trough you by freely expressing yourself.
  2. Psychology: The science of the mind supersedes all other sciences. We must understand how our brains work, and their true power, before we can understand the external world and claim power in it. 
  3. Mindfulness: Self reflection is an essential part of self-love and personal growth. Through self awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance of the present moment, a peaceful and positive mental state can be achieved.