About Maya Keeyana


I was born as Maya Keeyana Graham on Friday February 5, 1999 at Temple University Hospital. My mom and dad raised my older brother and I in Northeast Philadelphia. We spent a lot of time in North Philadelphia where my dad is from and most of my paternal family lives. I come from a family of intellectual, gifted, and ambitious people. Some nouns and adjectives that make me, me are; Aquarius, kind, caring, intellectual, original, writer, poet, student, teacher.

I am a self-love expert who has been on my self-love journey, consciously, since 2019. The self-love journey is continuous, strenuous, and it can feel lonely. I have learned some key concepts on my journey that I must share with other Black women. One, self-love is the best love, and the foundation of all other forms of love and expression. Two, you are never alone. Three, you are always in control. The world has exploited our lack of self love for far too long. It is time we reclaim our power.


I always loved learning. I always got good grades but, the older I got the more I started to dislike school and to see educational institutions for what they really were-- tools of conformity. I graduated from Northeast Highschool in 2017. At this point in my life, I was self-educating on topics like chakras, energy, meditation, manifestation, African spirituality, ancient health practices, and the like. I felt like the world was going nowhere fast and it was my duty to redirect us. My heart was set on creating more positivity in the world, my mind was set on determining how to do so. I attended Drexel University where I first majored in computer science, then information systems. Then, I transferred to Temple University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology on May 5, 2022. I decided that I will make change in the world by instilling self-love in melanated women as a means of personal and social development, changing the world one self-lover at a time.


I became an early childhood educator in August of 2022. There's nothing more honorable and joyous to me than molding young minds. Author and educator bell hooks said, "If we give our children sound self-love, they will be able to deal with whatever life puts before them". I could not agree more. I take pride in teaching my children self-love, self-care, kindness and empathy, and self-expression. Building these capacities now will prepare them for a future of healthy relationships with themselves and others.